Just a few kind words from our happy customers!

I am happy and proud to own my first piece of a Marcela Colina Jewels! My beautiful Moonstone ring goes with everything and I hope to add more of her enchanting pieces to my collection. Thank you Marcela for creating such elegant and ethereal art!


Angelica Garcia-Spanbroek. Boca Raton - USA

I have been Marcela's biggest fan since I met her in 2006. From the moment I saw her jewelry I knew this special lady had talent. I wear her jewelry weekly and always feel great knowing the LOVE and attention to DETAIL that goes into each piece!


Saskia Meckman.  Boca Raton - USA

I have purchased beautiful and TIMELESS pieces from Marcela over the last few years.  Every time I wear them, friends ask where I got them? She hand makes every jewelry item showing off her creativity and passion in all of her work!


Ida Avedon.  Boca Raton - USA

"I am so thrilled at the beautiful, DELICATE and unique ankle bracelet that Marcela designed.  It is truly one of a kind using high quality metals and interesting engravings. I am sure to enjoy this piece for many years ahead.

Carol Wishnov.  Boca Raton - USA

I purchased a few of Marcela's pieces along with stock from other designers and suppliers.  Marcela's pieces are always the first to get sold!  They are also the pieces that are the most handled and complimented by my customers.  Her authentically, unique designs are a big hit!


Michelle Taylor. Boca Raton - USA

Marcela's jewels are delicate pieces of art, ORIGINAL and beautiful. I have a wide selection of them and I LOVE wearing them every day. I had ordered special custom made pieces and received them as requested and on TIME. I strongly recommend who wants to receive compliments to buy her JEWELS ;)


Maria Isabel Pachano.  Quito - Ecuador

Marcela was a God-send! I was so nervous in trying to find someone to make my idea for a custom engagement ring a reality. Marcela was so attentive. She took my idea, created a beautiful design and I received a perfect ring that was so personal! She even went above and beyond to make add a secret special touch and help my now husband surprise me. I absolutely could not be happier. The ring is a couple years old now and looks incredible!!


Nannette Gunn.  Kodiak - USA